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Technology as a Service

Whether your needs are for the full-blown support offered by Focus Works – Complete or the smaller more tunable feature sets provided with Focus Works – Lite or the portability of Focus Works – Cloud, Dark Arts will provide an affordable solution. Our Engineers and Partners are dedicated to your success, stability, and we provide the experience you need.

Focus Works - Complete

Focus Works – Complete includes an entire suite of Software and Hardware that will not only provide patch management, security systems updates, anti-virus, remote connectivity for all your desktops and servers, but it also includes unlimited support for one low monthly rate.  Through state-of-the-art application of technology we manage your entire operations. As part of the program we provide complete Archiving, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery planning.

Focus Works - Cloud

Focus Works - Cloud is an excellent choice for those smaller companies that do not want the cost and complexity associated with purchasing and maintaining their own onsite hardware and software. Focus Works – Cloud is a comprehensive virtual solution utilizing the latest cloud computing infrastructures from the major providers like,


· Private Cloud

· Google
· Amazon
· Microsoft

The mobile sales force and busy executives will have access to all their files from anywhere they can access the Internet. 

Cyber-Intrusion Mitigation

Proactive cybersecurity risk mitigation has becoming the primary focus for organizations faced with the likelihood of being the victim of a cyber attack. This trend points to a need for an effective Cyber-Intrusion Mitigation strategy. Our program protects your organization from the risks falling behind in an ever evolving range attacks coming from the Cyber landscape. 

Focus Works - Lite

Focus Works – Lite is designed for those organizations that want to save money by reducing the costs and time associated with a full patch management system. In this program you can pick and choose the level of service and the features desired. Not as economical as the Focus Works – Complete solution but fits well in organizations that have major areas covered already.

CyberSecurity Analysis

Our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is designed to identify risk and mitigate the impact of cyber attacks. Our program assists the organization's resilience to a destructive cyber incident by utilizing information security programs; providing a roadmap to determine, classify, and respond to threats.

Many organizations struggle to keep information security programs up to date or maintain effective security controls to mitigate cyber threats. Our Cybersecurity Analysis program ensures that organizations are effectively mitigating the risk of a cyber attacks.

AI Implementation Analysis

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are rapidly evolving and can cause disruptive changes in an organizations' operations. Managers are facing new opportunities and challenges that they might not be prepared for.

AI  Implementation Analysis explore the proper fit of AI engagements and assist with managerial challenges typically experienced while implementing and using AI technologies.

What Our Clients Say

Excellent Service Provider

"We have been relying on Dark Arts for over 15 years. They have kept us up to date and operational the entire time. Issues that have come up were addressed rapidly and with excellent communication. We highly recommend their services" - Anna K.
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